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1.历年展览概括 Exhibition profiles
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历年展览概括 Exhibition profiles

Our company join the international trade fair Tendence  24-27 August 2013 in Frankfurt, Germany 

Qingyunge pavilion of the international trade fair Tendence 24-27 August 2013 in Frankfurt
In May 2013, our company took part in the second Beijing trade Fair, during the show, Zhou-style paper-cut of our company were invited to participate in the live performances of paper cutting, Beijing party secretary Guo Jinlong and Chinese vice commerce minister Ms QiuHong with Jiang Xin ,a deputy director of commerce department of jiangsu province, visited our booth .They think well of our company Zhou-style paper-cut and paper-cutting phone cards of stay green bamboo carving.
Beijing party secretary Guo Jinlong and Chinese vice commerce minister Ms QiuHong with Jiang Xin ,the deputy director of commerce department of jiangsu province, visited Zhou-style paper-cut of our company
Our company donated 《YanLing KeHen》 to the changzhou museum in 2008
One hundred pieces of Yi Jiangnan paper-cutting works were collected permanent by China's national museum in 2004
At the invitation of the ministry of culture French 2004 ,We held the paper-cutting exhibition in carcassonne
In April 2003, at the invitation of the Chinese embassy in Japan and Fuji art gallery Zhou Yun hua family paper-cutting to be shown in Japan
In December 2002,We went to Malaysia for helding the activity of“cut out culture and cut out love” Zhou-style family paper-cut righteous exhibition, charity sale .
In September 2002, Zhou Yunhua family paper-cutting took part in Chinese family culture art exhibition, and won the gold medal
In March 2002, Beijing international art foundation invited Zhou Yunhua family paper-cut “Yi Jiangnan Special Exhibition ” to be shown in international art gallery . After show, 99 pieces works were collected, and published albums《Yi Jiangnan》——Zhou Yunhua family paper-cutting Selected Works.
In 2001 , Zhou Yunhua family paper-cutting works joined China art fair in Beijing. Two French painters exchanged two paintings with two paper-cutting works for the friendly communication. Beijing international art collected 10 pieces of works from the fair


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